Domain Names for Dofus Guilds

I'm offering free domain names for Dofus guilds, of the form:

If you're interested, I can offer:

I'll only do this if its going to a genuine website for a Dofus guild.

Guilds Supported
HuntersLordzofchaosLouvreMitra SanctusPower
Storm TroopersTerra IncognitaTeruk's ArmyTwilightTwisted Rebellion

Want One

If you want one, email spryte at dofus guilds  dotcom Not charging for these services - they don't cost me anything but a few minutes to set them up.
I wouldn't mind setting up a couple of email forwards on your domain, either - but not lots of them.

For a Redirect request I need to know:

For a CNAME, see here. If you want something else - email me and I'll discuss it with you.

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